Good Wood Games Custom, solid wood, weather-resistant, hand-made in the USA
  • Yard Canadian Football

    $199.00 $165.00
    A Yard Football game just for our Canadian friends. Same game as our Yard Football but with field markings like a Canadian football field. End zones can be any color you want, and for $10 more you can add a custom name decal to one side of the frame. 
    Perfect for backyards, parking lots, rooftops, or anywhere people come together to have fun. 

    Each set includes:
    - one 24" x 48" game board with retractable legs
    - eight 6" x 6"  bags (two color schemes of four)
    - instructions with multiple game play options

    Hand-made in the U.S.A.
    All parts are solid pine and weather-sealed for unmatched durability.